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This a recording of our Saturday Morning Dhamma class at Cross River Meditation Center in Frenchtown, New Jersey. Following a thirty-minute Shamatha-Vipassana Meditation, our sangha discussion is on The Five Hindrances and my talk introduces this week’s study of The Ratana Sutta.

Included in my talk is a reference to the Kalama Sutta and how ignorance of the Buddha’s teachings and a misunderstanding of true refuge often leads to continued suffering. Two of the references are to modern Buddhist lineages both intentionally developing a Buddhist practice that is a clinging together of many different and often contradictory teachings that only obscures and continues ignorance of the Buddha’s direct teachings.

This video was recorded on March 4, 2017. This class is part of a series from our 2016/2017 Truth of Happiness Dhamma Study based on my book The Truth of Happiness. Information on the book and personal Dhamma study is here: https://crossrivermeditation.com/

Related articles by John Haspel to all Dhamma talks are at CrossRiverMeditation.com. If you find benefit from this talk please consider a donation.

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